Our Story

Chris and Jim grew up together in Raleigh, North Carolina and have always shared a love for the outdoors and medicine. Both had spent their time working for various outdoor education and marine services organizations. Motivated by frustrations which stemmed from working with organizations resistant to the rapidly changing needs of the marine services industry, Chris Davis and Jim Baker started Lundy Charters and Adventure Medical Consultants to provide a holistic approach to today's dynamic industry. We set out to provide experiences that are not only exciting and memorable, but also safe and secure.

Meet the Lundy Charters Team

Lundy Charters and Adventure Medical Consultants set a new standard for personalized service, safety and training in the adventure travel and marine services industry. Taking lessons from our time in the industry, we realize there is more to a adventure than simply being there.  Whether our team is delivering your yacht, taking you to a remote area of the Caribbean to fly fish, or taking a crewed charter around the British Virgin Islands, we set out to create a truly unique experience.