Sample British Virgin Islands Itinerary (BVI)

DAY 1 Trellis Bay

As soon as you get off the plane your Lundy Charters crew will welcome you to the beautiful British Virgin Islands. Your yacht will be waiting for you in Trellis Bay, a short walk from the Beef Island airport. After settling on board your dinner options will include a casual Caribbean barbeque at the Loose Mongoose while experiencing Trellis Bay’s unique Full Moon Fireballs; or you could enjoy a gourmet meal at the Last Resort on Bellamy Cay prepared by the famous Singing Chef.  





DAY 2 Jost Van Dyke
On our way to Jost Van Dyke we will make a short stop for a quick swim at Sandy Spit (the beautiful desert island that graced Visa commercials of old) .  A brief downwind sail will bring us to Foxy’s famous bar where you can grab lunch, enjoy cocktails, and listen to some live music from Foxy himself. Make sure to bring a business card, license plate, or shirt to leave your mark on the most popular bar in the BVI. Before the crowd thickens for the evening we will motor over to White Bay’s beautiful white sand beach, the home of the famous Soggy Dollar Bar. The bar takes its name from a Jost Van Dyke tradition. There is no dock, so guests swim ashore from their boats and buy drinks with their “soggy dollars.” The bar claims to have originated and perfected the “painkiller” in the 1970’s, this smooth rum flavored cocktail has been called the “essence of Caribbean imbibing.” After you’ve had your share of “painkillers” we will take a sunset sail down to Sydney’s House of Peace and Love for a lobster dinner. Not only does Sydney have one of the best lobster dinners around, the full bar operates on the honor system where you pour your own drinks.

Jumping off at the William Thorton, Willy-TDAY 3 Norman Island
We will head back up wind today on our way to Norman Island and the Indians. Our trip to Norman Island will be by way of Soper’s Hole, home of the dread pirate Blackbeard. After several lunch time pirate stories from your Lundy Charters crew and some shopping we will get back underway in time to snorkel both the Indians and the Caves at Treasure Point. We will pick up a mooring in the protected harbor known as the Bight. Your dining choices will then be between relaxing on shore at Pirate’s Bight Restaurant or rafting up to the William Thornton, an often wild floating bar and restaurant that is affectionately known as the “Willy T”.

DAY 4 Bitter End Yacht ClubBitter End Yacht Club Arieal Picture BVI

A casual breakfast on the boat and a day sail in between the Dogs will preface a visit to the far east end of the BVI. For over three decades the Bitter End Yacht Club has been entertaining guests with an authentic Caribbean experience on the North Sound of Virgin Gorda. Bitter End is not your typical resort destination; where other Caribbean destinations sell a vacation the Bitter End offers an experience with sea and sand activities that are rivaled by none. Accessible only by boat, guests are sure to enjoy the exclusivity of this famous destination.


Anegada Reef Hotel BVI British Virgin Islands charter boatDAY 5 Anegada

The Lundy Charters crew will encourage an early start on any trip to Anegada. The favorite retreat of Captain Jim Baker and of most guests; this island is unlike any other in the BVI. Navigating to the island requires an experienced captain with local knowledge and as a result, the majority of people are prohibited from making the journey. The island itself constitutes the third largest reef in the world. It is also one of the largest in the West Indies but has a population of fewer than two hundred people. As a result, the beautiful beaches provide serenity that is unmatched anywhere in the BVI. A lobster dinner at the Reef Hotel (one of the islands only restaurants or hotels) is sure to be an experience not soon forgotten. The fresh caught lobster and fish are cooked over driftwood grills right on the beach as you watch the sunset over the open ocean.   


DAY 6 Cooper IslandScuba Diving BVI Lundy Charters Divemaster Jim Baker Marie L British Virgin Islands

We’ll sail through the Camino Cut and over to the Cooper Island Beach Club, located in beautiful Manchioneel Bay. This island is home to an authentic Caribbean restaurant that boasts the best jerk chicken wrap in all of the Caribbean. In the waters adjoining Cooper Island are two of the most famous dive and snorkel sights in the world; the wreck of the RMS Rhone (ranked the #2 wreck dive in the world) and “Wreck Alley”.


BVI Roadtown British Virgin Islands Lundy Chaters Trip Spring BreakDAY 7 Roadtown

A short sail across the Sir Francis Drake Channel will take us into Roadtown, the capital of the British Virgin Islands. Although devoid of commercial chains there are plenty of options for the shopper who is willing to immerse themselves in this cross roads of West Indian culture. Stops at Pusser’s Rum, La Cabanon, and Dockmasters are always popular. Some guests choose to explore the island further by taxi; visiting popular destinations such a the rainforest or the rum distillery.