Spring Break Trips

This year we are offering customized spring break voyages to the British Virgin Islands, with prices starting around $1000 a person. Now is the best time to be booking your vacation because the most popular bareboats book first and the early bird always gets the worm. This time of year is high season, but isn’t it worth it to escape the cold damp constraints of your college campus? This is where we come in: our staff can design a vacation to meet your group’s size and budget. We know that being “designated the organizer” of your group’s spring break trip is no easy task and we are here to help. We can do all of your homework for you and get everything you need for your vacation organized and in one place.

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See a Slideshow from our 2008 Trips

University of North Carolina girls on the beach on Anegada during their 2008 Spring Break with Lundy Charters

Vanderbilt Spring Break 2008 with Lundy Charters                Vanderbilt students relaxing on the beach at Foxy's during their 2008 Spring Break with Lundy Charters