YMCA S.A.I.L. II- BVI Program

Lundy Charters and YMCA bring you the Sail II BVI Program July 26 - August 6, 2011

S.A.I.L II-BVIs, is designed to reinforce the traditional values that permeate all of Camp Seafarer's programs. The development of character and leadership skills will be the goal of these activities. We believe that this island/sailing experience will have a lasting impact as new challenges are explored,new skills are learned, more self-confidence is developed, and each crewmember becomes a team player on the voyage.

The crew for this summer's British Virgin Islands voyage will consist of Lundy Charters' Captains, two female administrative sailing staff counselors, and campers (you!). Seafarer's captains and sailing counselors are talented, highly skilled and seasoned people with wide-ranging credentials. Lundy Charters' Captains have experience sailing in the British Virgin Islands and posses the teaching skills to make this a very safe, educational and fun experience for the crew. Lundy Charters staff members (former counselor at Seagull/Seafarer) have demonstrated capable leadership ability, commitment to the mission of camp, expertise in navigation and sailing, and an understanding of the needs of adolescent girls.

The adventure begins at Camp Seafarer in Arapahoe, NC, when the crewmembers arrive. We focus our time at camp on getting the crew ready for sea: reviewing and learning knots, anchoring techniques, and big boat sailing, as well as preparing for cooking and sleeping in close quarters. In addition, we work on team building activities develop trust and self-confidence among each other.

We then Fly from North Carolina to Tortola, BVI. Upon arrival, campers and counselors will meet their boats in Road Town. The sailboats are 50-foot monohulls, which come equipped with snorkeling gear, and all the provisions that we will need for a safe and fun excursion. We will eat, sleep, play and learn on our 50-foot homes on the water—a truly unique experience for anyone who loves the water.


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