Adventure Medical Consultants

Chris Davis and Jim Baker grew up together in Raleigh, North Carolina and have always shared a love for the outdoors and medicine. Both had spent their time working for various outdoor education and marine services organizations. Chris and Jim have studied with or worked with: Wilderness Medical Society, Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities (SOLO), Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA), Wilderness Medical Institute (WMI), North American Rescue Institute (NARI).

Taking the lessons learned from these organizations and our own outdoor experience, we formed Adventure Medical Consultants. Our goal is to offer the most hands on, in-depth experience in Wilderness Medicine. We understand the differences between training crews for voyages at sea or teaching students to trek into the mountains and we adapt our courses accordingly. We specialize in bringing the course into the environment in which our students will be operating. Our instructors often conduct customized courses on site in the area of operation for the students, such as National Forests, or aboard vessels. Choose from one of our  publicly listed courses, or contact us today to schedule your own customized wilderness medicine course.

Additionally, Adventure Medical Consultants offers comprehensive medical support services. Our medics are Wilderness EMTs, Paramedics and Physicians who are experienced at providing care far from hospitals. We also offer consultation services for vessels and remote facilities that operate in a wilderness environment. The practice of wilderness and maritime medicine dictates that we customize our support to your vessel or facility in accordance with your individual needs and operating environment. We also offer safety and risk-mitigation consultation services.