Medical Person In Charge (USCG) Syllabus

Denotes a USCG requirement for MPIC courses

Day 1

• Hygiene
Introduction to the Patient Assessment System
Vital signs and Physical Exam

Day 2
Understanding Mechanism of Injury
• Injuries to Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
What is “Shock?”
• Internal and External Bleeding
• Wounds
• Head and Spinal injuries/Spinal Injury Assessment

Day 3
• Wound Dressing
• Suturing and Clamping
• Burns, Scalds, and Frostbite
• Fractures, Dislocations, and Muscular Injuries
• Pain Relief

Day 4
Thermoregulation- Hypo/Hyperthermia
Bites and Stings
Allergic Reactions- Anaphylaxis
Day 5
Diving Medicine
• Ob/Gyn
• Aspects of Nursing
• Death at Sea
• Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Day 6
• Management of an Acute Abdomen
• Diseases
• Sexually Transmitted Diseases
• Tropical and Infectious Diseases
• Disease Prevention
• Dental Care

Day 7
• Medical Care of Rescued Persons
• Minor Surgical TreatmentChest Pain/Cardiac Emergencies
Improvising Equipment
• External Assistance (Evacuation)
• Record Keeping

Day 8
Rescue Simulation 1
• Stroke
• Seizures

Day 9
Final Simulation
Final Simulation Debrief
Course Review

Day 10
Final Practical Exams
Final Written Exam