Medical Training

Maritime and Wilderness Medical Training

Our Wilderness and Maritime Medical training courses always present up-to-date information and techniques.  Our lead instructors are all active members of the Wilderness Medical Society and other professional organizations, and currently practice medicine in remote environments and are on the forefront of advances in the care and treatment of patients in the on land and at sea.  Our goal is not only to teach the standard curricula, but also to help our students further understand the realities of providing care in the environments they will be working.  Our courses are often taught onsite to groups using their own equipment. We understand that each of our students will face unknown challenges in the future so we help to better prepare them to face these challegnes by preparing them in the environment in which they will operate.


Wilderness and Maritime Medical care doesn’t happen in classrooms, it happens in the field. We locate our courses accordingly. Whether we are training a megayacht crew to respond to emergencies aboard the vessel anywhere in the world, a guide service working on Alaskan rivers, or an expedition to explore an unmapped wilderness; we specially design your course to give you the most realistic training experience available. When possible, we will bring the course to you and offer our training on your own equipment, in your area of operation.

Training Courses:

Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

Maritime First Responder
Wilderness First Aid
Medical Person In Charge (US Coast Guard)