What is Wilderness Medicine?

What is Maritime and Wilderness Medicine?
Maritime and wilderness medicine is the care of sick and injured patients on a variety of seafaring vessels or in any remote areas of the world. The scope of this field is extremely broad, including patients of all ages who could potentially suffer from any illness or traumatic injury imaginable. While at sea, in a remote wilderness area, or traveling to a developing nation, definitive modern medical care may be many hours, days or even weeks away.  A medical emergency in this environment presents a multitude of challenges not normally faced in an urban environment with easy access to EMS systems and hospitals; when at sea or in the wilderness there is not "911." These challenges include but are not limited to: assessment and treatment of patients onboard a vessel; difficulty arranging transport and communicating with definitive care facilities; and providing definitive care onboard.

Adventure Medical Consultants offers complete on-board medical support services. Our medics are Wilderness EMTs, Paramedics and Physicians who are experienced at providing care far from hospitals. Additionally we offer  consultation services for vessels and remote facilities that operate in a wilderness environment. The practice of wilderness and maritime medicine dictates that we customize our support to your vessel or facility in accordance with your individual needs and operating environment. We also offer safety and risk-mitigation consultation services.